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Colombian Coffee

A pure premium gourmet arabica, mild fruity taste with harmonious subtle acidity, notes of sweet caramel, and dark chocolate finish, and very intense fragrance and high body.



Heavy body with subtle smoky spicy overtones with a superb sweet finish, a balanced level of acidity and body and rich aroma.



A soft coffee with low acidity, a big body and occasionally a sweet flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel or cocoa.



A fruity unique taste with hints of blueberry, with light body, strong acidity and a wonderful floral flavour.


Costa Rica

This coffee is clean, sweet, light bodied and well-balanced.



Medium body with subtle hints of wood, tropical fruits and spices, low acidity and a complex spicy aroma.

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Colombian Coffee

Coffee Process How is the typical process of producing coffee? 1- Planting: The best seeds are selecting for planting. 2- Flowering: The flowering process takes 4-6 months 3- Ripening: Beans …


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Roasting What are some typical roast levels? Some names in the market, from lightest to darkest, are: City Roast, Full City, Vienna, French Roast, Italian Roast, Spanish Roast, Turkish coffee …


Qualities 75% of the coffee beans in the world are Arabica and 25% are robusta. What is Arabica and what is Robusta coffee? Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes, …

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Karoast Coffee Depot is a leading supplier and processors of premium coffee beans and powder in Turkey & Iran with over 10 years of experience. We have processing unit with monthly capacity of roasting 2000 kilos coffee. We have a retailing unit in Istanbul and we also supply premium quality coffee beans/powder to various shops. All our employees are trained certified. We do roasting (light, medium, medium-dark, dark) as per client requirement and supply freshly roasted premium coffee beans and powder.

Our company came into inception in the year 2012 and cemented its position in national market as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader. We, in addition to dealing in coffee also deal in Chicory that act as both coffee additive and substitute. All of our offerings, be it normal coffee or its substitute, are procured from farmers who plant coffee seeds in large beds of shaded nurseries and use advance, hi-end agricultural tools to produce them.

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